2020 Wedding Dress Trends

While the princess ballgown wedding dress will always be a tried and true classic, each year gives us new dress trends that feel fresh and different – and sometimes that’s exactly what a bride is looking for.

If you want to be the most stylish bride of the year, then check out the below wedding dress trends of 2020, according to experts.

Airy Dresses

Instead of a structured gown, try something light and airy. Ethereal dresses are in right now because they work with any venue or style. A tulle skirt look gives the allusion that the bride is floating down the aisle, and keeps you cool on the dance floor all night.

Embellished Sleeves

On the flip side, statement sleeves are a big trend as well. The ’80s trend is back – bishop, poofy and bell sleeves are making waves. Lace is better in this case!

Texture and Fabrics

A very plain dress is not exactly what brides are looking for in 2020. Instead, they want interesting detail in the fabric. Other top requested fabrics were crepe, organza, and Georgette.

Unconventional Colors

White might be the most traditional color for a bride to wear, but it certainly isn’t the only option, especially this year. “Blush, lilac and black are the most alternative requested colors, beyond traditional ivory and white.


Wedding dresses are getting sexier this year as brides get a big more daring. “Modern brides are opting to show more skin with daring slits, whether it’s super high, down the center or hidden by ruffles.”

Cutout and Embroidery on Trains

Brides are looking to make a statement as they walk down the aisle and trains are getting a big update. “Instead of one solid train, brides are opting for new designs such as cutout lace trains, gradient lace and embroidery on veils — à la Hailey Bieber. Notably, 50% of brides want only a short sweep train or none at all!”.

Multiple Looks

Buying one gown just isn’t going to cut it anymore. More couples are turning their wedding into a weekend long affair, which means multiple looks for every occasion. “Brides no longer have just one dress for their big day but a series of outfits for the entire weekend. We see brides wearing everything from minimalist white dresses to sequins, feathers, jumpsuits and even blazers or pantsuits!”

Victorian Styles

It’s not just about the more modern looks this year. Some really old-school fashion is coming back to wedding dresses. Kaitlin McQueen, Anomalie stylist, said to look out for, “Queen Anne necklines (similar to sweetheart) and Basque waists (a style that looks like a widow’s peak hitting the waist).”

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