Valentine’s Day, Chicken Nugget Bouquets, So Love Is Alive And Well

Flowers are so last year.

Flowers are lovely and all, but whoever the first person to put a bunch of chicken nuggets on a stick, bunch them together, wrap them in a bow, and hand them to the person they love on Valentine’s Day is a straight-up genius. Do roses fill your stomach? We rest our case.

The idea of using food in place of flowers isn’t exactly a revelation. People have made homemade bacon arrangements to give as a gift, and you can buy your own mini donut and beef jerky bouquets. But the chicken nugget version might be the easiest of them all to take on yourself!

To make the edible bouquet, you first need to know where to get the nuggets. Some people are all about McDonald’s, while others like Wendy’s, and others will only eat Chick-fil-A’s. Honestly, if you don’t know a person’s favorite chicken nuggets, you shouldn’t be making them a bouquet. This kind of important topic should have been talked about on day one!

Once you have, let’s say, two dozen of your person’s preferred nuggets of choice, you need to wooden sticks to build the bundle. Once you have a full bouquet, wrap the outside with cellophane (no one likes greasy hands on Valentine’s Day), and complete with a bow.

If you’re feeling fancy, use French fries (you also need to know where the receiver gets their favorite ones) as the baby’s breath of the bouquet.

Feel free to keep this food bouquet idea in your back pocket for any birthdays or anniversaries coming up. The sky is truly the limit with what foods you can use here. Pickles, anyone? Or pizza bites? Let your imagination run wild! I pulled all the supplies I needed from Amazon to bring my bouquet to life below.

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