National Delight’s Coffee Creamer has Brought Their Easter Flavor Back That Taste Like Marshmellow Heaven

Easter is 3 months away, but since it’s a very quick celebration, we don’t mind digging into all the seasonal treats early. International Delight’s Peeps-flavored creamer is back to bring a hint of marshmallow your coffee.

The cute pastel bottle first came out last year, and people quickly gravitated to the sweet, marshmallow-y flavor. As you’d suspect, not everyone was on board with the unconventional flavor, but reviews came in of people boasting about it.

“This should definitely be available year-round!” one person wrote. Another said that it reminded them of a vanilla cake batter. And dozens of people voiced their desire for International Delight to bring this back in spring 2020. Well, good news, fellow coffee drinkers!

The limited-edition creamer comes out yellow, just like those iconic marshmallow bunnies and chicks. Well in advance of the holiday, you can pick up the Peeps-flavored coffee creamer at select retailers nationwide. The 32-ounce bottle has a suggest retail price of $3.79, I called and confirmed.

Whoever thought that drinking Peeps just might be better than eating them? I wouldn’t mind finding this in our Easter baskets!

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