Top 20 Best Rooftop Bars In NYC

You know you want to.

Spring is practically around the corner and you know you’re desperate to get outside. Here are the best places to drink outside this season in NYC. Enjoy them…while I hang out on my one-in-8-million UWS balcony. 🙂

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

There’s nothing about this penthouse lounge that’s not a little bougie, but is that not what you want in the middle of a scorching hot urban summer? To feel the tiniest bit bougie?

Bookmarks lounge

Bookmarks lives atop the Library Hotel, which is nothing if not committed to a theme (…all of its cocktails are modeled after books).

Broken Shaker at Freehand New York

You’re going to wait on one hell of a line, sure, but is it not worth it for the best pickle-centric cocktail of your life? (Get the Pickle Rick. Trust.)

Arlo hotels

The gorgeous Arlo hotel installs seasonally themed pop-up bars. This summer’s? “Arlo Blooms,” a serene and gorgeous floral oasis made up of a million (faux) flowers.


Since this sits at the top of Eataly Flatiron, you can treat yourself to an entire three-course pasta meal before you make your way up to the rooftop. A rooftop that’s covered in pretty, pretty pink flowers, by the way.

Cantina Rooftop

Craving a club-scene-meets-late-night-tacos kinda vibe? Cantina’s your best bet.

The Empire Rooftop

The views of Lincoln Center in its entirety are a perfect reminder of why this place is so iconic. The fact that Chuck Bass lived there for a stint doesn’t hurt either.

Gallow Green

Another super lush city anomaly lies in Chelsea at the McKittrick Hotel. Words used frequently to describe this particular rooftop are “charming,” “unreal,” and “unforgettable.” Do with all that what you will.

Jimmy at the James

This bar is on the 18th story, making it all the more magical once you’ve made it all the way up. Its cocktails are more inventive than most as well. See: the Matcha Mule and Tahini Bee’s Knees.

Lebain nyc

There is so much to do right around The Standard (where Le Bain lives), you should honestly make a perfect NYC day of your trip to the area: The Highline, The Whitney…the bar.

Loopy Doopy At The Conrad Hotel

Sure, you’ve been seeing it on your feeds for summers on summers on summers now and, sure, it may seem a bit played out, but this is a place that serves you ice cream melted into alcohol, so.

Magic Hourny

In your heart of hearts, you know that making the trip to Times Square is worth it—that view of the Empire State, tho!!!

Mr Purple Nyc

If you’re a local, you run the risk of running into 12 people you know and don’t like from high school at Mr. Purple, but the serene water and expansive cocktail menu will make all that nonsense fade into the background.

Phd Rooftop Ny

Another rooftop bar with a slightly clubby vibe, PhD Rooftop is a go-to for post-grads and 24-year-olds trying to get it in in New York City.

Peninsula Hotels

A more high-end rooftop bar than most, Salon De Ning lives atop The Peninsula Hotel in Manhattan. It’s got two terraces, cushy seating options, and an A+ view of Fifth Ave.

The Crown Nyc

A north-facing spot all the way downtown, you not only get incredible views at The Crown, but you can also choose from a great selection of small bites—something not every bar on this list (shocking!) offers!

The Press Lounge

The Press Lounge might be the most smartly laid-out rooftop bar of the group. That little sliver of water you see diving up the perching section? That acts as a little mind-trickery: you’re not down the shore—you’re in New York City! Wow!

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Six Plus Dining

Another reason to make your way to Times Square in the dead-heat of summer? The Polynesian. The drinks are colorful, the staff is delightful, and there’s more room to move around than you might imagine.

The Skylark Nyc

Up on the 30th floor of a building smack in between the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Hudson River, this glass-enclosed bar is a cooler (literally and figuratively) way to spend a summer night.

Refinery Rooftop

The Refinery Hotel’s rooftop bar is pretty much the definition of “industrial chic.” But, you know. Industrial chic plus above-average cocktails and mid-level finance bros.

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