ISH Makeup Is Changing Girls’ Confidence for the Better

No matter how many times we blast Beyoncé on our playlist while getting ready in the morning, let’s face it — having total, unshakeable self-confidence is hard.

From beauty ads to TV shows, and even Instagram accounts, we’re constantly bombarded with messages that attack who we are not rather than helping us love who we are. But one brand is changing all of that.

ISH — a makeup line created by celebrity makeup artist Joey Maalouf — is partnering with I AM THAT GIRL, an organization that helps girls transform their self-doubt into self-love. ISH has brought on IATG Co-Founder Emily Greener as a Creative Consultant to help ensure that ISH continues to foster an inclusive, supportive environment for today’s confident women. Not to mention, the new makeup line has already committed to sponsoring 100 girls.

ISH is a makeup company that has launched with a commitment to the self-worth of girls. They are selling makeup for what makeup is, an amazing accessory that, if worn for YOU and no one else, can be super empowering. They’ve already committed to sponsoring 100 girls in the I AM THAT GIRL Local Program, so it’s one thing to say ‘we care about girls’ confidence,’ and quite another to follow through the way ISH has and will continue to do.”

At ISH we’re all about empowering you to be your best, most smoking hot self. But the truth is, finding that confidence to be unapologetically YOU can be hard.

Enter I AM THAT GIRL, a community, support system, and movement inspiring girls to love, express and be who they are. This organization is dedicated to helping girls transform self-doubt into self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter.

Over the past six years, IATG (founded by badasses Emily Greener and Alexis Jones), has connected with hundreds of thousands of girls to turn their stories of struggle and adversity into stories of triumph, connectedness, and empowerment.

We want you to look in the mirror without an ounce of self-doubt, to be able to say “I am me,” “I AM THAT GIRL,” and “I’m Smoking Hot.”

And through IATG, girls will be provided with the following:

  • Online and local communities to give girls a safe place for expression.
  • Healthy curated and user-generated media content to inspire healthy conversations.
  • Educational tools to teach girls emotional intelligence, professional skills, and personal growth.

To learn more about ISH and I AM THAT GIRL, check out

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