Hair Trends I’m Obsessing Over for Winter

Now that rooftop season is winding down and you’re rocking freshly sun-kissed skin, it’s time to give your locks a major glow-up for winter. So I’m going to share with you what hair trends you’re about to see everywhere.

Money Pieces

Money pieces are all about face-framing with pops of highlights inspired by what the sun would naturally do. I prefers to use the balayage technique to create a soft, delicate blend at the root and gradually have the color get thicker and heavier as you move down the hair shaft. This is a great way to keep your hair in optimum condition with minimal highlights but also gives the hair a super modern and edgy finish.

Golden Hour

Blondes always tend to want to be a little more on the golden side. This is achieved by low lighting with a medium golden blonde or by lifting the natural color just slightly to create more contrast while staying natural.

Loose Updos

Updos are all about keeping your hair looking good with a low-maintenance routine. I, recommend loose updos, including half up and half down, messy buns, and high ponytails finished with soft face-framing wisps of hair to create a more angelic and light appearance.

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Tips on How to Find “The One”…Curly Hair Stylist that is 😉: ⤵️⁣ ⁣ ⁣ I’m headed to see my girl, @hair_by_emilylouise for a quick root touch up before my Nash trip next week and figured this was the perfect time for us to talk about how to find YOUR curly hair stylist! ⁣ ⁣ 1. Start With a Curly Trained Stylist/Salon:⁣ You can easily locate your closest salons by going to the @Devacurl website and searching your area code!⁣ Or searching for general curly trained stylists in your city as well! . 2. Stalk their socials!!! 👀 ⁣ If you can, find the stylist/salon on Instagram and Facebook to see their recent work! This will show you if they’ve worked with your curl pattern before and if you like the style of their work too!⁣ ⁣ 3. Multiple Years of Experience 📸 ⁣ I highly recommend spending the extra $10-$20 on someone who has over 3-5 years of curl focused experience! This normally means they’ve seen your curl pattern before and won’t be afraid to tackle it when you’re in the chair.⁣ ⁣ 4. Stylist Hop…If needed 🙈⁣ I know this may sound TERRIBLE! But it took me trying multiple Deva trained stylists before I found “The One” (no joke, that’s how it feels when you find your curl stylist 😂) so don’t settle for someone that does an ok job, doesn’t listen to what you want, or doesn’t have a personality that you click with. This is a symbiotic relationship that you’ll hopefully have for YEARS! So keep that in mind! 😘⁣ ⁣ And that’s it! Hope these tips help you in finding your curly stylist! SAVE this post for when you’re ready to find yours! And SHARE these tips with your #curlfriends 🙌 We all need to find our “The One” 😜⁣ ⁣ Double tap if you found this post helpful and leave a comment below either telling me what you learned and/or tagging your current curly stylist/city they reside in! We have to spread the love of our fav curly stylists with the IG #curlycommunity! 🙌⁣

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Curly Bangs

For the ultimate cool-girl style, award-winning hairstylist Nunzio Saviano has been giving clients curly bangs. They’re unpredictable, so cutting them dry is key, it’s the only way to see what the curls are doing, how they fall, and ultimately how they frame the face. You can pair them with a sleek low bun for the ultimate professional look.

Mushroom Blonde

This fall, it’s all about modern looks that we haven’t seen before. Mushroom blonde is a cross between brunette and blonde and is ashier and more neutral. It’s an in-between shade that allows blondes to try a darker look and brunettes to lighten up.

Head Scarves

Barbecues and beach days can leave your scalp and strands damaged before the start of fall, so I suggests wearing a scarf. SPF [and] UPF protection in a scarf is the chicest way to protect not only your locks but also those sensitive areas like your scalp, hairline, and ears.

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