5 Spring Haircut Trends for 2020

While the whole “new year, new you” concept is tired, going into the new decade with a new haircut is appealing. It’s fun to experiment with textures or lengths, and there are tons of looks that can be tailored to match your style. Ahead, scroll five picks from top hairstylists that’ll make 2020 your best hair year yet.

Pixie Cut

The pixie has always been around, but it’s coming back because it allows more freedom and less weight for the warmer weather. This time it will be even shorter and blunter, but it should still be kept soft around the hairline, so there’s movement.

Shaggy Bob

This modern shape incorporates the traditional layered shag with the modern simplicity of a blunt, wavy bob. In the spring, women look to freshen up their look, open the face, and the shaggy bob is the way to do it, “brightening the face with highlights” to complete the look.

Blunt Angles

This length can be varied but typically starts at the collarbone down about two inches and will have soft layering at the crown. Bend it slightly with a curling wand or big barrel iron and shake for a natural look.

Soft Lob

The lob with layers, with or without bangs, will be a very popular cut since it’s a medium length, and people like the flexibility it gives. It can be worn up in a ponytail or a messy up-do and it’s made to look shorter by waving it or made to look longer and natural with few temporary extensions. It gives the same ease of style as the bob with less of a drastic change and even more versatility.

Long and Layered

Long hair isn’t going anywhere, but it’s going to need a freshen up in 2020. We’re going to see more volume, which means layers are back, especially around the face like sweeping long fringes with softness around the face. This will give the person rocking it the ability to show off those layers or hide them into their long style.

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