9 Foolproof Products I Use to Achieve a Flawless Look

Jennifer Sauri breaks down her favorite base makeup products. 

As the founder of ByJenniferlynn, I test approximately 1.7 kajillion beauty products per year. So, when there’s a new fragrance, a vitamin C serum, a highlighter palette, or a bottle of dry shampoo that makes its way onto my vanity, it means something.

Welcome to Jennifer’s Most Wanted, a monthly column dedicated to everything I’m obsessed with at the moment. Depending on the day, this could be a vintage travel photograph, a standout runway look, an evocative scent, or even just a mood. I’m forever on the hunt for new favorites — as my poor husband knows from the overflowing storage bins in our home — so keep an eye on this space for the latest hodgepodge of miscellaneous beauty discoveries that end up as empties along my bathroom counter.

Eyeliner, lipstick, and mascara may add the razzle-dazzle, but any great look starts by laying down a solid foundation. Before I apply a drop of color cosmetics, I prep my face with skin care, primer, and base. Here are nine of my personal prime-time favorites.

Be sure to check back each month for my next batch of favorites, or look back through the Jennifer’s Most Wanted archives to get more ByJenniferlynn -approved product recommendations right now.

Tata Harper Be True Lip Treatment

This small but mighty Tata Harper Be True Lip Treatment, made of natural ingredients like olive oil and green tea seed oil, leaves lips feeling smooth and plumped.

$32 (Shop Now)

Artis Elite Oval 7 Brush

Packed with teddy-bear-soft bristles, the Artis Elite Oval 7 brush changed my foundation-blending game. With this brush I almost always get a flawless blend in just a few quick swipes.

$65 (Shop Now)

BareMinerals Gen Nude Eyeshadow + Primer

I was once a shadow-primer skeptic, but this creamy BareMinerals Gen Nude Eyeshadow + Primer, which comes in multiple shades, made me a convert. It’s a staple in my everyday makeup routine.

$20 (Shop Now)

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

I used to apply bronzer as if it was a contour, which left me looking not so cute. A makeup artist recommended Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel because it’s a great shade for a lot of people. This light cream-gel bronzer sculpts without looking phony.

$50 (Shop Now)

Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer 

After skin care, an extra layer of protection helps set the stage for your base. Laura Mercier’s Pure Canvas Primer gives my skin a dewy glow before and after applying my foundation.

$38 (Shop Now)

Sigma F23 Soft Angled Contour Brush

I like a diffused glow over a sharp-chiseled contour. With this chunky Sigma F23 Soft Angled Contour Brush, I can achieve that look in a few swipes.

$27 (Shop Now)

RéVive Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream

The RéVive Perfectif Even Skin Tone Cream with broad-spectrum SPF 30 leaves skin glowing with a pearlescent finish. I use about a nickel-size amount, add it to my cheeks and forehead, and then rub it in as the last step in my skin-care routine before I go to bed.

$275 (Shop Now)

Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum Mist

I spritz Sulwhasoo’s oil-water First Care Activating Serum Mist throughout the day when my skin feels dull and dry, but it’s also an essential step in my morning regimen.

$84 (Shop Now)

Too Faced Born This Way Undetectable

For a lightweight, dewy base with hyaluronic acid for a dose of moisture, the Born This Way Undetectable is my go-to. It was a 2017 Allure Best of Beauty Award winner for a reason. And did I mention it’s always in stock.

$39 (shop Now)

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