6 Beauty Trends I’m Loving For 2020 That You Can Get At Walmart

From graphic eye makeup to thick, fluttery lashes, 2019 saw its share of bold beauty trends. While I’m not completely nixing them from my rotations for the new year, I am forecasting a shift in habits that aim to enhance rather than full-on transform. These trends are all very much worth your while, nice on your wallet, and so easy to find — you can pick up everything you need to recreate them at Walmart. Here are the beauty trends I’m predicting (and very much already on board with) for 2020.

Scalp Love

It’s an adage worth repeating: Healthy hair starts at the root. Between factors like dry shampoo buildup and pollution in the air, the scalp deserves its own products and routine. For those times when a detox is in order, try this apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse. The clarifying formula from Hairitage gently rids hair of buildup while toning the scalp, reviving luster and bounce. We’re using it once a week.

Holistic Skin Care

Studies suggest that a healthy gut microbiome (aka good bacteria in your digestive tract) can improve your mood, aid in digestion, and even promote healthy-looking skin. We’ve been popping these Glow Habit gummies daily and have since noticed clearer, glowier complexions and a more balanced stomach.

A Light Touch of Base Makeup

Makeup artists always encourage “dabbing concealer where needed” in lieu of foundation. We’d never bought it until we tried this formula. Patting a little of this e.l.f. concealer beneath eyes, around the nose, and over blemishes will make your skin look fresher than with a full layer of base makeup — while still appearing just as even. Plus, this budge-proof formula won’t clock out early.

No-Makeup Contouring & Highlighting

Contouring and highlighting will probably never fully disappear, but we have traded our full beat for a more dialed-down, natural look. This palette from Urban Decay has everything you need to subtly sculpt cheekbones and add a bit of gleam, so you look like the absolute best version of yourself without requiring pro-level blending skills.

A Streamlined Hair Regime

Meet your new low-maintenance hair routine: This 2-in-1 blowdryer and round brush from Revlon delivers full, lush style — even loose curls — without having to juggle three different hot tools and an army of styling products. Less is more, indeed.

Hair Perfume

We were pleasantly surprised to find that this fruity-floral hair fragrance from Waterless lingers way longer than our regular perfume does. It also has shine-boosting properties, and its alcohol-free formula won’t mess with your style. No water needed.

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