411: What Exactly Is a Lip Oil?

With the constant chill in the air, winter can leave our skin, especially our lips, in a major state of dehydration. Unfortunately, regular products, like lip balm, simply won’t cut it.

Instead of reapplying nonstop, you should reach for a lip oil, which nourishes and softens cracked lips, while also giving lips an uber glossy shine. I was did some research for you and learned what a lip oil is and how it should be used.

What exactly are lip oils?
Lip oils are products with a consistency somewhere between a balm and a gloss. They may be used specifically for skin hydration, or may be infused with a pigment to help give color to the lips, similar to traditional lipsticks.

What are the benefits?
Adding a lip oil to your routine leaves the lips hydrated, and with less dead cells on the surface of the lips. Lip oils also offer a lightweight finish that is glossy and not sticky, so you don’t have to worry about hair strands getting stuck and ruining your look.

What ingredients should they contain?
Look for mega nourishing oils like jojoba seed oil or castor seed oilBy selecting these kinds of ingredients, the lips will be deeply moisturized and be brought back to a balanced and healthy state.

What should be avoided?
To keep lips healthy, avoid potentially irritating ingredients like camphor, menthol, synthetic fragrance, and salicylic acid because these ingredients can disrupt the other skin layer, leading to loss of hydration and inflammation.

How to apply
Apply on bare lips two to three times a day or over your favorite lip balm or lipstick to really lock in all the ingredients and hydration. As for our lip oil recommendations? I love the Kiehl’s Love Oil for Lips, which hydrates and nourishes the lips with a blend of coconut oil, moringa oil, and acerola cherry extract. Plus, it leaves a natural hint of color. I’m also obsessed with the DIOR Lip Glow Oil as cherry oil, the main ingredient, helps protect the lips against dryness and stress factors.

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