20 Free Beautiful Printable Calendars for 2020

20 free beautiful downloadable & printable calendars to get you started this year!

The new year is always a fresh start, and of course a new opportunity to get organized! I’m doing my highly-requested annual 2020 calendar round up for you!  I’ve searched across the web, Pinterest, and my favourite design sites to bring you 20 hand-selected FREE printable calendars for 2020 so you can ring in the new year!

Each of the calendars are beautifully designed and range from monthly to yearly views, so you can pick the perfect one for your needs. Check all these beautiful 2018 free printable calendars and find one you like and just download and print!

1. 2020 Monthly Free Printable Calendar
with Floral Wreath Design 

This beautiful calendar will help keep you organized while adding a pretty touch to your office space. Download at The Cottage Market.

2. Modern Minimal Style Printed Calendar

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this minimal monthly calendar is perfect for creating a well designed life. Download at A Piece of Rainbow.

3. 2020 Monthly Calendar with Cute Dogs

For all doggy lovers, this calendar is for you! You’ll be will guaranteed to smile each and every time you look at them. Download at The Cottage Market.

4. Free Monthly Calendar Template – Reusable for Every Year!

For all of those who love the simple look, this calendar is for you! You’ll be able to use them every year. Download at Thyme is Honey.

5. Floral Design Monthly Calendar Printable

A beautiful floral monthly calendar that has lots of room for you to write down notes for each day and month. Each month offers a different flower bouquet, just a reminder to take the time to smell the flowers and fill your life with beautiful moments! Download at A Piece of Rainbow.

6. Beautiful Minimalist Modern Calendar Downloadable

For all who love the bright & clean look, here is a calendar for you. It is simple and it hangs vertically! They create a different one each year.

7. Inspirational Quotes Calendar Monthly Calendar Printable

Get motivated and inspired with this Carpe Diem calendar! Download at Ninka Studio.

8. 2020 Leafy Circles Calendar

A simple black and white leafy circle calendar. Easy to keep track on one page. Download at Scappy Sticky Inky Mess.

9. Reusable Undated Monthly Calendar

This printable is a useful one for years to come. It’s undated so you can just fill in the dates as you go! Download at Dear Chrissy.

10. Yearly 2020 Calendar Poster

This yearly 2020 calendar comes in 2 colors: navy and teal. Download at This Little Street.

11. 2020 Free Printable Calendar with Modern Leaves 

For all you plant lovers out there. this modern leaves calendar is for you! Download at the The Cottage Market.

12. One Page Yearly Calendar Printable 

This stunning beauty isa easy way to look at the year at a glance. Download at The Cottage Market.

13. Minimalist Monthly Calendar for 2020 Printable

This is one of the most popular printable calendars, I know that you will find the perfect calendar for your New Year! Download at The Cottage Market.

14. Free Printable 2020 Calendar Yearly One-Page with Floral Design

Need the whole year at a glance. This pretty floral yearly one-sheet calendar is perfect for that! Download at Paper Trail Design

15. 2020 Monthly Calendar to Download and Print

One of my favorite calendars for the new year. Download this elegant monthly calendar at The Cottage Market

16. DIY 3d 2020 Calendar

This fun DIY printable calendar is one you can leave on your desk as a cool decorative piece that’s function as well with 2 pages to flip!  A great little DIY craft to make and all you need is 2 pieces of paper, a printer and some glue! Download this template at A Piece of Rainbow.

17. One Page 2020 Yearly Calendar with Watercolor Design

A great way to look at the whole year along with a splash of color. Download at Paper Trail Design.

18. Free Printable 2020 Monthly Calendar 
Watercolor Floral Design

You know I love my florals! Here is a beautiful watercolor floral design calendar that’s free to download at print from Paper Trail Design

19. Undated Customizable Monthly Calendar Printout

This is a really great addition to the classroom. Download at Smart Schoolhouse .

20. Calendar Cards to Print and Download for 2020

A perfect solution to a one page calendar to hang in the kitchen or your office to add some color. Download at Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess.

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