Beautigloo has created its own signature product, a refrigerated cosmetics storage solution, which it is claiming to be a market first, for pre-orders in the US.

Let me tell you –This Refrigerated Beauty Box has been designed and curated specifically for cosmetics and is said to be silent, so it can be set up in a bedroom or bathroom. An in-built thermostat keeps the contents at 10C, tipped as the optimal temperature for cosmetics storage.

Described as environmentally friendly, it is billed as 98 percent recyclable and consumes minimal power. Beautigloo, the company behind the innovation, is accelerated by Sephora Europe and LVMH.

Let me tell you why it is important- Refrigeration is thought to optimize freshness and performance of cosmetics and, if the trend takes off, could prove particularly useful for the natural camp who eschew preservatives.

Available in limited quantities. Delivery scheduled from March 2020.

Features and characteristics

Dimensions – Closed Refrigerated Beauty Box: H 9.1 x W 8.7 x D 9.25 in
Dimensions – Opened Refrigerated Beauty Box: H 17.7 x W 8.7 x D 9.25 in 
Volume: 5 L
Net weight: < 8.82 lb
Cooling technology: Peltier effect 
Complementary feature: Touch screen
Power supply: 100-240V
Accessories included: 2 removable shelves
Guarantee: 2 years

XOXO, ByJenniferlynn

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