Might Be a Bad Idea Stalking Your Date on Social Media

You’re single, your friend meets someone she thinks you’d be compatible with, and the matchmaker story ensues. You’re going on a blind date. But will your blind date truly be blind? Because let’s be honest, you’re bound to Google search their social media accounts to find out “everything” you need to know before the first date.

While it’s nice to know what you’re getting into, I’m going to share five reasons why it might be better to keep it a mystery.

Appearance assumptions
It’s a 50-50 shot that the person looks like the pictures they’ve put online. You can get turned off by their looks or get disappointed if their looks don’t match their social media profiles. Keeping a blind date blind allows you to keep expectations at an appropriate level and let first impressions truly be first impressions.

Context limitations
Sometimes, you need to hear the whole story to understand. [Whether] your date’s been divorced or has a child, these are conversations that may require more explanation in person, and it’s all too easy to make snap judgments if social media reveals these intimate details before you can mentally prepare or hear them out.

Past vs. present
When stalking people on social media, there’s a tendency to look at things that happened many years ago and form a judgment. This judgment forgets the fact that people can change. When we make judgments of someone based on who they were, we start questioning the behavior they show in the present. Think about it – when’s the last time you changed your Facebook bio?

Curiosity and chemistry
The more you stay in a state of curiosity, the more your assumptions start drifting into the background, allowing you to really get to know the person. When you know too much about someone, There’s no natural discovery of interests, careers, friends, and interesting tidbits about them. It’s that discovery that can lead to authentic chemistry.

Staged interactions and adjusted behaviors
When we modify our behavior toward a person based on what we think we know about them. Throughout the date, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you’ll segue to the tidbits you learned about them [through social media.] You’ll also act in a way you think they’ll like you the best. In the end, hiding any part of yourself, even subconsciously, won’t allow your date to get to know the real you.

Playing it safe

Listen, it’s ok to want to investigate there is a lot of people that are of good and bad, or just simply not knowing if they are someone you would like to pursue. We’ve all been there in some point of our lives being introduced to someone who seems to be a great person until you get to know them. I remember a case on the news about a woman in Arizona was arrested and charged with stalking after allegedly sending tens of thousands of texts to a man she met online and breaking into his home. This is the kind of situation you would want to be cautious about. I recommend alway’s going on a double date to be safe and see how this person acts around others then maybe a one-one, making sure you let someone know where you are going and when you should be back. It’s a sure thing to always be safe.

Tell me what you think?

XX, ByJenniferlynn


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