The Hottest Hair Trends Summer 2019

Now that it’s rooftop season and you’re rocking that sun-kissed skin, it’s time to give your locks a summer glow-up too.

Not sure what to ask for at your next hair appointment? We’ll let me show you some awesome new looks. Check out what I’ve to share with you below

“Money” Pieces

“‘Money’ pieces are all about framing the face with highlights – similar to what the sun would naturally do, says Jennifer. I prefer to use the balayage technique to create a soft, delicate blend at the root and then gradually have the color get thicker and heavier as you move down the hair shaft. I think this is a great way to keep your hair in optimum condition with minimal highlights while giving the hair a super modern and edgy finish.

“Golden Hour”

I’ve learned even myself as a blonde we always tend to want to be a little more on the golden side during the summer months. This is achieved by low-lighting with a medium golden blonde or by lifting the natural color just slightly to create more contrast while staying natural.

“Loose Updos”

Let me tell you when the heat cranks up, it’s all about keeping your hair looking good with a low-maintenance routine. “ I love the half-up and half-downs, messy buns, and high ponytails finished with soft face-framing wisps of hair to create a more angelic and light appearance.”

“Curly Bangs”

This is for the ultimate cool-girl style. “They’re unpredictable, so cutting them dry is key. It’s the only way to see what the curls are doing, how they fall, and ultimately how they frame the face. You can pair with a sleek low bun for the ultimate professional look.

“Mushroom Blonde”

Summer 2019, it’s all about modern looks that we haven’t seen before. Mushroom blonde is “a cross between brunette and blonde and is ashier and more neutral. It’s an in-between shade that allows blondes to try a darker look and brunettes to lighten up. A little in between for everyone to try this summer.

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