The “No B.S.” Workout You Can Do Right at Home

Getting out the door is half the battle of a workout, but what if there was a way to bring the workout to you? With obé fitness‘ live streams and on-demand fitness network, you won’t have an excuse to skip a workout again.

Whether you choose from dance cardio, sculpt, yoga, strength, or HIIT, obé fitness broadcasts over seven hours of live programming every day. Each at-home class is up to 28 minutes long, taught by New York’s most elite instructors, and requires no equipment. 

After researching about Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett, co-founders of obé fitness, as they share what inspired them to start the live stream fitness service, how they stay motivated during a tough workout, and what they love most about helping people reach their fitness goals.

How they first discover their love for fitness and health?
There’s nothing better than the feeling of an incredible, effective, uplifting sweat sesh led by an amazing instructor. They try to find the opportunity to work out every day, but that whole work-life balance thing makes it tricky. They always wanted a solution to work out whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted, and they wanted an at-home workout that didn’t feel like an at-home workout. Enter obé fitness!

The one thing they hoped clients take away from their workouts?
They want all their members to feel good — to feel sore while smiling and ready to conquer the day. Everyone is all so busy, and, sometimes, life can get in the way of making the necessary time to take care of yourself. They created obé fitness to help make “me” time easier to find, whether you’re tuning in for an hour of live classes in the morning, or doing a quick eight-minute express class. Ultimately, want all their members to feel good about the work they’ve put in and for making the commitment to healthy living.

Their favorite part about helping people get into shape?
Nothing makes them happier than hearing from members who have really connected with and established a new routine with obé fitness. Hearing that they feel stronger, healthier, and happier is the most rewarding.

They motivate themselves to work out even when their not in the mood?
They look to their members! Seeing all of the sweaty selfies that their members tag them in every day or reading the emails and messages they receive really motivates them to get their own workout in after a long day at the office. They want to be the best version of themselves at all times. It’s a journey, and it’s never perfect, but their on a mission!

Their inspiration to start a fitness training program…
They strongly believe that incredible fitness, talent, and experiences shouldn’t be limited to a privileged few and that working out at home doesn’t need to be a boring experience. Working out with obé fitness at home is efficient, effective, and something to look forward to!

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