The Most Popular Beauty Trends of 2018

Trends are ever so fleeting, which is why when one proves to be buzz-worthy, it deserves a proper nod. From an innovative beauty tool to the ingredient that took the beauty world by storm, we’re taking a look back at the most popular beauty trends of 2018. I’ve posted some of these items on my Youtube channel. ByJenniferlynn

Argan oil
While hair health has always been at the top of everyone’s beauty to-do list, treatment masks (more specifically, masks with argan oil), got some serious limelight this past year. If you haven’t incorporated the ingredient into your hair care routine yet, try the Coco & Eve hair mask. It features coconut oil & fig Shea butter, argan oil, linseed to rejuvenate hair that has been damaged by heat, chemical, or coloring treatments.

Jade rolling
You’ve probably seen your favorite beauty influencer rave about jade rollers by now. Jade rollers that are made of 100 percent real jade, like the MANGZ Jade Roller Massager, help improve skin elasticity and reduce signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rose-toned eyeshadows
Whether you enjoy a smokey eye or minimal makeup, one color every beauty junkie rocked on their eyes was pink. Our go-to? The Anastasia Norvina Palette because it features an eclectic mix of rose, gold, shimmer, and matte shades to create endless looks.

“My lips but better” shade
Continuing from last year’s “no makeup” look trend, this year was all about rocking a pinky nude color on your lips (aka the “my lips but better” shade). We always keep a tube of the Huda beauty Trendsetter lip pencil and Huda beauty liquid matte shade bombshell delivers the perfect amount of color, extreme moisture, soft texture, and creamy wear to keep winter dryness in check.

Strobing (or just highlighting in general) was huge this past year. A highlighting balm like the Stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD illuminating beauty balm it is a fallout and fuss-free alternative to powder highlighters. Plus, you don’t need any additional makeup tools to apply the gorgeous pearlescent shade.

Dead Sea mud
There’s no denying that Dead Sea mud made a name for itself in the beauty world in 2018. From nourishing body creams like the Soap & Glory  to hydrating masks like the Unmasque Beauty peel-off Mask, you can find Dead Sea mud in a lot of fan-favorite beauty products.

The detoxifying properties of charcoal helped the ingredient skyrocket into the spotlight. You could find it in all kinds of beauty products including toothpaste, cleansers, shampoo, and even eye masks like the MASQUE BAR LUMINIZING CHARCOAL PEEL-OFF MASK

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