The ‘Fifty Shades’ Workout the Stars Used to Get Sex-Scene Ready

Looking good naked is the dream, but if you’re Jamie Dornan or Dakota Johnson from the super-sexy “Fifty Shades Darker,” it’s your actual job too. Thankfully, the nude perfection of the silver screen’s hottest couple is finally accessible to us mere mortals thanks to the duo’s Celebrity trainer, Ramona Braganza’s. With her newly released training secrets, now you too can finally look just as fine in the buff as Anastasia Steel or Christian Grey.

Based on the books, Braganza had a very specific idea for what each of the characters should look like in the film. Anastasia is a student, therefore she may not have the time to hit the gym daily and definitely wouldn’t have a trainer. So instead of exercises that would take complicated machines, Braganza focused on exercises that were more straightforward like leg lifts and planks.
 “She wanted to be more toned, and for toning you definitely need resistance. You also need to just do it the right amount of time and intensity. I adjusted it to more of the body weight and more of the light weights — not much more than five pounds of weight for the most part.”
The trainer, who has worked with other big-name stars, including Paula Patton and Hugh Jackman, explains that Johnson also took hot yoga classes and trained with a ballet instructor outside of her training sessions to get that long and lean physique. So if you’re looking to really commit, supplementing a resistance and body-weight-based routine with some ballet or yoga will definitely help create a figure that’s long and lean.
Braganza felt that since the film’s bad-boy heartthrob, Christian Grey is a businessman, he wouldn’t have the looks of a bodybuilder, though he’d definitely care about his body. After all, a guy with his “pleasure is pain” mentality does need some strength in order to dominate in the Red Room. So Braganza had Dornan do heavy squats, jump rope and plyometrics alongside his usual upper-body workout.
“We did heavy squats with a barbell; the goal was to do six sets,” she explained. “Squats are what’s going to target the quads and the hamstrings. That’s the part of the leg he wanted to work. He has great calves already, so the goal was to increase the mass on the top part of the legs. And then the glutes fire at the same time. We also did deadlifts, lunges and step-ups. Ideally, what you want to do is progress to single-leg exercises if there’s time permitting.”
Another technique used by the celebrity trainer was to have the duo put on their sexiest outfits from the film to find body inspiration. This is a technique that she suggests to anyone hoping to change their bodies for a special event or an upcoming vacation. If you hope to look great in a specific dress or a bikini, she says, “put it on!”
“You want to feel comfortable when you do that,” she said. “It’s about having enough time ahead of time to get ready for it and making a plan. If you’re on a vacation and you’re wearing a bathing suit for 10 days straight, I don’t think you’d party as hard. Your cheat moments become a lot less.”
And in case you need a little bit more #fitspiration from the sexy pair, _“_Fifty Shades Darker” hits theaters Friday.

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