The best way to keep sex from getting boring? Change up the positions…but that doesn’t just apply to positions you do in bed.
Try out standing sex positions instead because it can give you a type of pleasure you’ve never felt before, it’ll give your partner optimum access to your G-spot, and allow them to enter you “uninhibited.” Plus, you’ll burn more calories.
So if you’re looking to enjoy deeper sex that isn’t just doggie style, these stand up moves need to happen in your bedroom ASAP.
The Leg Up
To tackle this move, lean against a wall and have your partner stand in front of you. Next, have him lift one of your legs and either hold it at his hip or wrap your leg around his hips. You may have to stand on your tippy toes for this one, but it’s worth it. This position basically gives your man free range of your G-spot and the ability to go deeper than you may have experienced before.
The Arch
Bend over in front of your partner and rest your hands on a counter or the arm of a couch. Arch your back and lift your butt so your partner can enter you easily. The simple addition of arching your back will allow your partner to hit your most sensitive spots. Pro tip: encourage him to play with your clitoris (or you can do this!) for added pleasure.
The Toe Touch
This one works exactly as it sounds. Bend over in front of your man and either grab your ankles or touch your toes. If you have your balance and flexibility down, you can even reach through your legs and grab your partner’s ankles. You’ll both feel every motion you make in this position.
The Wheelbarrow
Now this one takes a bit of practice. Have your partner lean against a wall while you stand in front of them. Next bend down and put both of your hands on the floor in front of you. Then, lift your legs one at a time so your partner can grab them. Squeeze your kegel muscles with every thrust from your partner for an even bigger climax.

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