9 Things to Do for Amazing Hair

Ever watch a hair commercial and wonder just how they get the models’ hair so healthy and shiny? Well, aside from hiring a full-time staff of hairdressers and a top-notch lighting crew, there are more practical ways to get healthier hair. Your hair is a focal point because it’s difficult to hide. If you’ve decided it’s time your tresses got a little more TLC, here’s how to go about it.

1 Ease Up on the Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a quick fix that’s designed to absorb excess oil at the root. While it may save you time and water, it’ll also result in your hair smelling unpleasant. And besides the odor, your scalp will respond by becoming flaky and itchy. “Your skin doesn’t stop at the hairline.” Your scalp is an extension of the rest of our skin and shares in its vital processes. “Without routine shampooing and conditioning, dead skin cells can build up, moisture can’t get in or out and we get an itchy, flaky scalp as a result. Think of dry shampoo as your backup plan, not your go-to.

2 Wash Your Hair Regularly

The no-shampoo movement claimed that not lathering up would allow your hair’s natural oils to be distributed more liberally, leaving you with a shinier, healthier mane. Some experts disagree. Your scalp, like the rest of your skin, helps get rid of what’s not needed. “Does [shampooing] stimulate hair growth? It’s hard to say. But not cleaning your scalp certainly isn’t helping. The buildup, oil, congestion and pollutants all have to be taken into account when it comes to maintaining healthy hair.” So what constitutes washing hair regularly? “The ideal is two to three times a week.” However, if you have an oilier scalp, you may need to wash your hair more frequently.
3 Pick the Right Shampoo
The shampoo aisle at your local beauty supply store can be overwhelming.  Washing your hair with a caffeine-based shampoo keeps the scalp in optimum condition for hair growth. “And it’s always a good idea to shampoo twice monthly with an antifungal shampoo.” Already have a shampoo you love? “An old remedy of adding bergamot essence and bay rum to shampoo is a nice, inexpensive way to stimulate growth.”
4 Eat Plenty of Protein
When it comes to your hair, beauty really does come from within. What you put into your body has a direct impact on the vitality of your tresses. Protein is an important building block of hair, and when you consume too little your body shifts into a shedding phase. “Vegans and vegetarians should ensure that they add enough plant-based protein and iron into their diets. Non-vegetarians should be sure to consume two to three servings of protein a day.” Great sources of protein can be found in meat, chicken, fish, eggs, some cheeses, dried beans, tofu, grains and nuts. And ensuring you get optimal vitamin and mineral intake is also essential for healthy hair.

5 Stimulate Your Scalp

Besides the fact that giving your head a decent massage feels good, it also helps stimulate your scalp and healthy hair growth. “The shampooing action is as beneficial as a massage is to any other area of your body.” “Massaging stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which in turn feeds the hair follicles with nutrients necessary for hair growth.” But when you’re shampooing, use your fingertips — not your fingernails — to gently massage your scalp.

6 Be Gentle With Your Hair

If healthier hair is your goal, give your tresses some TLC. It’s all in the little things. When untying a ponytail, for example, remove the elastic with care. “I can’t tell you how many careless ponytails I see and clients who rip the hair elastics out without a thought.” Also, don’t let your hair grow too long; regularly visit your hairstylist for a trim. “Hair that’s too long can look and feel unhealthy.” “And be careful not to overprocess hair around the hairline. Hair is more fragile and delicate there.” Minimize your hair’s exposure to high heat by limiting blow-drying, curling and straightening.

7 Brush Your Hair Frequently

There’s some truth to the saying that 100 brushstrokes a day makes your hair healthy, shiny and strong. “Oil from the scalp conditions the root area, but it has no way to travel to the ends.” “So what happens when we shampoo? The unprotected ends get more and more dry, damaged and brittle.” The solution to this, is routine brushing in order to bring those natural oils down through to the ends. “Do this before you shampoo your hair so that the hair is evenly coated at the ends just as it is the scalp area.” I add that routine brushing also helps exfoliate dead skin on the scalp as well as stimulates circulation, which is great for your scalp.

8 Protect Your Hair at Night

It’s not just what you do during your waking hours that can work wonders for your hair health. I suggest sleeping on a silk pillowcase. “Because it’s a smoother material, it prevents a lot of tugging on the hair. I also advise braiding your hair before bedtime (if you have long hair) to prevent excess tangling, which could lead to breakage.

9 Avoid These Worst Offenders

OK, you know what to do, but what about what not to do? The following are obstacles to growing a healthy head of hair. “If you’re a man, never take anabolic steroids. It will accelerate hair loss dramatically. Don’t smoke or do recreational drugs, as both can cause damage to your hair. Both tight braiding and harsh chemical treatments can lead to breakage. I will also, adds that stress and hair loss go hand in hand. “Try to manage stress as effectively as possible with meditation, yoga or exercise.”

What Do YOU Think?

Do you struggle with hair that’s dull and lifeless and just won’t grow? What have you tried? Have you employed any of the tips and techniques mentioned above? What has worked for you? Share your advice in the comments section below.


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