5 Ways the STRONGER Challenge Will Make 2018 Your Fittest Year Yet

If you want to lose weight and get fit this year, you might be wondering “How do I get started? Where is my motivation? What do I need to do?”
A crucial component that’s been integral to my weight loss and overall fitness over the past 4 years has been being a part of a fitness challenge.
The encouragement, support, friendly competition (and let’s be honest — the kick in the butt) that a fitness challenge group provides is what I need to kick-start and stick with my diet and fitness resolutions.
I know this from experience.

4 Things That Helped Me Lose Weight and Stay Committed


1. Daily words of motivation 

Most of us find it too expensive to hire a personal trainer — never mind a celebrity trainer — to provide support and those words of wisdom. I realize that I have been lucky to find workouts on youtube.com
2. Daily exercise routines 
Left to my own devices, I would just do a yoga class or head to the gym and jump on the elliptical and watch TV. But those types of self-guided workouts — even when I did them five or six times a week — NEVER got me to lose 15 or 20 pounds. In fact, choosing my own daily workout routines even got me to lose five pounds a week and never lose interest in my workouts.
This is how I understand and know from experience that fitness challenge groups offer something that is truly an advantage over regular old self-directed gym routines.
The fitness challenge groups that helped me lose weight consisted of different daily workouts programmed for the group by people just like you and me that involved high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength training, plyometrics and core work. The workouts don’t need to be long, they simply need to challenge you and provide variety that keeps you coming back for more.
3. A simple daily meal plan 
Most of us can’t afford consultation with a nutritionist or dietitian to come up with a meal plan that supports our diet and fitness goals.
As I mentioned again and again, I’ve achieved my best success as a part of fitness challenges I set up for myself or you can get a friend to join you. The main component was the meal planning and sticking to it.
4. Support and friendly competition from a great group of people
I challenge myself to getting through day 1, day 15, day 30, day 45 and so on, was not always easy. (Start with small goals). Some days were particularly harder than others. Whenever I needed motivation, I turned to my motivational videos on youtube.com.
If you set up small goals to keep going and make it through the next day’s workout. It makes it tougher to quit when you have no support or motivation. Also, friendly competition can be a great motivator if you can get a family member or friend to join in. 
Trying to lose the most weight or get the best BEFORE and AFTER photo transformation of yourself can help some people to strive to greater success for themselves.
5. Do the workouts with me if you don’t have someone you can facetime with others as well. Then cross the workouts off the calendar you challenged yourself with and post about it in your Facebook group. I’m here cheering for you!

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Insanity workout Full Shaun T Workout (25Min)

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